Goliath Cyber Security Group – Incident Response & Forensics services

The process of investigating a sophisticated cyber breach can be incredibly difficult. As the frequency of cyber attacks and potential breaches increases, organizations will need to adapt and enhance their forensic investigation capabilities to ensure they have fast access to experienced, skilled people in order to investigate cyber incidents quickly, effectively, and in line with the required legal processes.

How Goliath can help?

Goliath can assist organizations be prepared before an attack, develop early detection capabilities and respond effectively should an attack happen:

  • Readiness – Assist organizations with developing logging and alerting capabilities as well as procedures for first response incident handling
  • Response – Should an incident occur, Goliath can support an investigation into the breach and help remediate

Our approach & methodology

Our approach to Cyber Incident Response blends deep technical skills, crisis management expertise and business intelligence to deliver a complete service, when and where organizations need it most.

Goliath stands ready to help you defend against and limit the impact of a Cyber Attack!!!


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