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Through our partnership with Coverdash, you can source the Cyber insurance your business needs at the most affordable rates. A Cyber liability policy can protect your business from common digital risks associated with conducting business online and storing confidential information. Insurance is complicated, and Coverdash makes it simple. Get started below.

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Coverdash is a leading digital insurance agency and one of the nation's fastest growing insurtech companies. Coverdash offers a broad range of best-fit, competitively priced, business insurance coverages to businesses across all industries and in all 50 states. Through relationships with many of the world's most recognized insurers, Coverdash provides the coverages growing businesses need at the most affordable rates.

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What does Cyber insurance cover?

Cyber polices continue to grow in popularity amongst business owners who conduct business online and face increasing virtual threats and risks.

Cyber Extortion

Your business or client recieves a network-based ransom demand.

Cyber Crime

Your business or client experiences funds transfer fraud or a phishing outbreak.

Breach Costs

Your business is responsible for a data breach and the associated costs.

Data Recovery

Your business is responsible for the costs to replace, restore, or repair damaged or destroyed data and software.

Business Interruption

Your business or client experiences virtual perils such viruses, tech failures, programming errors which results in lost business income.

Explore our business insurance products

Coverdash offers the full suite of insurance products that any business owner needs.

General Liability

Financial protection from everyday workplace risks.

Business Owner's Policy

Most common packaged insurance coverage.

Workers' Compensation

Covers employee medical care and benefits as a result of employment.

Professional Liability

Covers your business from customer legal disputes.


Protects a business against malicious cyberattacks and the outcomes of it.

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