Identify Vulnerabilities and Protect Your Network
Confidently Visualize, Analyze and Measure Cyber Risk with Comprehensive Vulnerability Management


An asset is no longer just a laptop or server. It’s now a complex mix of digital computing platforms and assets which represent your modern attack surface, including cloud, containers, web applications, and mobile devices. 


The time between each scan is all an attacker needs to compromise a network. With continuous scanning, our security experts automatically have visibility to assess where each asset is secure or exposed.


By using risk prioritization, our security experts have the skills to understand exposures in context. They will prioritize remediation based on asset criticality, threat context, and vulnerability severity. 

Discover Vulnerabilities on All Endpoints

Vulnerability Analysis of Endpoints: Identify and report on vulnerable configurations as well as vulnerabilities due to missing patches across your endpoints.

Vulnerability Remediation: Common vulnerable configurations will be remediated via policy-driven analysis and software without manual intervention.

Vulnerable Configuration Gap: Reduce or eliminate the vulnerable configurations which other offerings in the security market ignore. Go beyond patch management to secure the configurations on which your software resides.

Actively Remediate Identified Vulnerabilities

Patch Automation: Distribute thoroughly tested patches to thousands of machines in minutes with minimal impact on your network.

Heterogeneous Platform Support: Streamline patching for multiple operating systems.

Third-Party Application Patching: Patch your most vulnerable apps, including Acrobat Flash, Java, and multiple Internet browsers.

Ensure Proper Patch Compliance

Distributed and Remote Patching: Patch all devices anywhere—whether they’re behind the firewall, on the road, at remote sites, or even asleep. 

Virtualization Support: Patch online and offline virtual machines and even hypervisors. 

Patch Compliance: Easily verify patching enterprise-wide to meet the policies and regulations that affect your organization.

Why Risk Based Vulnerability Management?

Immediate Benefits Include:

  • Live discovery of every modern asset across any computing environment
  • Add context to the exposure to prioritize and select the appropriate remediation technique
  • Risk-based exposure scoring and prioritization
  • Understand the state of all assets, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other health indicators
  • Understand exposures in context, to prioritize remediation based on asset criticality, threat context and vulnerability severity
  • Prioritize which exposures to fix first, if at all, and apply the appropriate remediation technique