Our Executive Cyber Advisory service provides organizations with access to experienced security executives (CISO’s) who can assist in the design, implementation, and ongoing oversight of framework based security programs.

The scope of these services can be narrow or broad depending on your business need, addressing the needs of a specific project or process, or addressing your macro security environment. So whether the need is to securely integrate a new acquisition, select and implement new security technology, or facilitate the modernization of your company’s security posture, we can help.

With our expertise and experience, we efficiently and flexibly assist our clients in the planning and implementation of their security programs. 

How our Executive Cyber Advisory service helps solve your Cyber Program challenges:

Develop & implement a security strategy in your organization

Our Executive Cyber Advisory services focus on security, enabling the IT Department to focus on critical projects, while ensuring that security is driven forward.

Strengthen your security posture

Companies turn to Goliath for a trusted second set of eyes to strategize, cross-check ideas, & stay vigilant about incoming threats – now & in the future.

A trusted advisor for Senior Management, C-level Executives and the Board

Our Executive Cyber Advisory Service serves as an expert advisor to senior management allowing you to make better-informed decisions on your security.

Establish security policies, programs & cultures

Our time-tested approach starts with building internal, informed & sustainable security cultures where information security & accountability is at the core.

Get compliant & stay ahead of regulations

Whether you are out of compliance or looking to prepare for new regulations, we are the go-to partner for security compliance.

Benefits of Goliath’s Executive Cyber Advisory Services:

  • Proven Leadership
    Our Executive Cyber Advisory Services are well-positioned to train your internal security staff and fill a leadership role.
  • Fast Deployment
    Our Executive Cyber Advisory Services will help you conduct a quick assessment of existing programs and policies, ensuring your organization is able to make all the required changes and meet compliance requirements.
  • Flexible
    Our Executive Cyber Advisory Services can be setup on a retainer basis for a set block of hours, hired on a project basis, or allocated for tech support hours. Free up valuable time for the C-suite so that leadership can focus on other important aspects of the business.
  • Reduced Overhead
    Executive Cyber Advisory Services can be recruited on-demand and come without the overhead of hiring a full-time employee. a compelling value proposition, ideal for businesses that do not have the resources to train someone for the role.
  • Add To Your Top & Bottom Line
    With Executive Cyber Advisory Services you will gain a team of senior level security professionals at a fraction of the cost of an in house Information Security Officer.
  • Built for your Security Needs
    Our unique Executive Cyber Advisory Service offers three distinct partner options customized to your organization’s security needs.