To paraphrase the Christmas song “It’s the most vulnerable time of the year.” Cyber criminals don’t take a holiday, so your chances of being a victim of a cyber attack can increase.  

Christmas holidays are a prime time for malicious cyber actors to take advantage of. At this time of year, organizations will start to close and will be running with a heavily reduced staff count which can make organizations vulnerable. Malicious cyber actors have often taken advantage of holidays and weekends to attack and disrupt critical networks and systems belonging to organizations, businesses, and critical infrastructure.

Does your current security strategy include a plan for cyber attacks during the holidays?

The benefits of having a business continuity plan are undeniable. When disaster strikes, getting business operations back up and running quickly is crucial. No business is immune to potential threats, no matter how big or small your organization is.

Make sure you have taken all the necessary steps to secure your IT infrastructure ahead of time. From protecting your website, safeguarding your customer details to training your staff, it’s time to take a closer look at your organization’s cyber program.

Take the time now to review your business continuity plan around Cyber and know the Goliath Cyber Advisory team is here to advise and support should you need it.

The Goliath team stands at the ready to help develop and support your plan……

A Cyber Incident Response Plan is a set of instructions that are designed to help you prepare, detect, respond and recover from cyber incidents. Having a plan will outline the recovery process, so that everyone knows what is required of them during an incident. Each department in your organization should understand the incident response procedure.

With Goliath Cyber you will proactively address cybersecurity in your organization, which means, you can enjoy the holidays knowing you have minimized any potential risks and spend that special holiday time with family and friends.



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