Goliath Cyber Security Group is pleased to announce our passion project with the Anti-Predator Project, based in Miami, Florida. 


The Anti-Predator Project Anti-Predator Project (APP) is 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to combating human trafficking in the United States and internationally. 

They offer their services free of charge  to anyone in need, no one should have to pay a fee for assistance in the darkest times of their lives. 

APP is a full-service non-profit/non-cost investigative agency that specializes in the location and recovery of American children that have been kidnapped or sold on the black market, missing children, and criminal investigations into individuals and organizations that are involved in human trafficking.

Aside from investigative and protective services, Anti-Predator Project also helps to raise community awareness about the reality of human trafficking in the United States.


It is this last focus specifically, Community Awareness, that Goliath Cyber and the Anti-Predator Project want to expand in Southwest Florida. It is “known” amongst families in the SWFL area that prominent shopping centers in Fort Myers in Estero have had incidents of women and teenage girls being followed or approached. It’s becoming unsafe.

We at Goliath Cyber Security Group believe it is time to stand up, speak up, and live up to our goal of protecting those around us. We are husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, veterans, and community leaders and members. Yes, we protect businesses in cybersecurity, but now we believe it is time to protect those who are most precious to us.

Future Projects

Goliath Cyber and the Anti-Predator Project will be starting a few initiatives together that include building community awareness, engaging with victim support organizations, fundraising activities, and potentially a benefit concert in the area.

How Can You Help?

Reach out to Goliath Cyber or the Anti-Predator Project, as Tim, our Chief of Sales & Strategy, is directly involved in both companies and is a licensed Private Investigator in Florida and Texas. Of course, any direct emergency, please call 911.  

If you would like to discuss how you can support Goliath and APP, please reach out to us. 

Until then, check back here for resources for awareness and updates.