Cyberthreats continue to grow exponentially for healthcare practices, and cyber-attacks are costly. They drain financial resources, disrupt practice productivity, endanger patient privacy, and compromise care quality. Protect your patient data, practice productivity, and financial health by applying the cybersecurity best practices for healthcare practices that follow.   

Small and Mid-Sized Practices May Face Greater Risk for Cybersecurity Threats 

It is quite uncommon for small-to-mid-sized healthcare practices to have a IT security specialist in-house, let alone a dedicated data security team. This may expose smaller healthcare organizations to threats a major hospital or health system’s dedicated resources would catch.  

– Top 5 Threats

  1. Social Engineering
  2. Ransomware
  3. Loss or theft of equipment or data
  4. Insider accidental or malicious data loss
  5. Attack against connected medical devices

– Top 10 mitigations

  1. Email Protection Systems
  2. Endpoint Protection Systems
  3. Access Management
  4. Data Protection and Loss Prevention
  5. Asset Management
  6. Network Management
  7. Vulnerability Management
  8. Security Operation Centers and Incident Response
  9. Network Connected Medical Devices
  10. Cybersecurity Oversight and Governance

Partnering with Goliath Cyber

Even smaller healthcare practices have sophisticated IT systems. The best way for you to take control of cybersecurity is to engage with a dedicated resource that can build a right-sized, compliant, and robust security solution for your clinic’s specific needs and niches. It is much less costly to engage proactive support and be prepared than to scramble in disaster recovery mode after a data breach or other cyberattack disrupts your practice.  

Like all great healthcare providers, your focus is on healing your patients and keeping your community well. Rather than diverting precious energy and limited resources from patient care to put out IT security fires, set up a strong fortress against cyberattacks that will allow you to keep your attention on what matters most. With viruses, malware, and hackers increasingly targeting healthcare organizations, there is no time to waste. Apply these cybersecurity best practices and work with Goliath Cyber to ensure your small or mid-sized healthcare practice is ready.

Start Strengthening Your Cybersecurity Defenses with Goliath Cyber

Contact us and lets work with you on providing a Complimentary Cyber Workshop with a discussion on your current cybersecurity posture, providing you with actionable recommendations tailored to address your unique security concerns, requirements, and goals.


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