Together, cyber and physical assets represent a significant amount of risk to physical security and cybersecurity – each can be targeted, separately or simultaneously, to result in compromised systems and/or infrastructure. When physical security and cybersecurity divisions operate in siloes, they lack a holistic view of security threats targeting their enterprise. As a result, successful attacks are more likely to occur and can lead to impacts such as compromise of sensitive or proprietary information, economic damage, disruption of National Critical Functions (NCFs), or loss of life.

The adoption and integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices has led to an increasingly interconnected mesh of cyber-physical systems (CPS), which expands the attack surface and blurs the once clear functions of cybersecurity and physical security.

A successful cyber or physical attack on industrial control systems and networks can disrupt operations or even deny critical services to society.

Cybersecurity and Physical Security Convergence Guide

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency developed the Cybersecurity and Physical Security Convergence Guide (.pdf, 1,299 KB) as an informational guide about convergence and the benefits of a holistic security strategy that aligns cybersecurity and physical security functions with organizational priorities and business objectives.

The guide describes the risks associated with siloed security functions, a description of convergence in the context of organizational security functions, benefits of convergence, a flexible framework for aligning security functions, and several case studies.

The Goliath Cyber team helps build an effective security convergence strategy resulting in…..

  • Stronger security posture
  • Improved crisis management
  • Business and security strategies unify
  • Better communication and knowledge-sharing
  • Cost savings and improved efficiency

Your next move…….

Regardless of how threats manifest, the convergence of cyber and physical security risks must be front of mind for any organizations C-suite and Board.

Organizations will no doubt reap advantages from cohesively managing their currently separate systems. The important thing is to not make a distinction between security systems. Many innovative efforts in security already blur the line between cyber and physical measures.

And while it may seem overwhelming, the best place to start is by asking the question: have we converged our cyber and physical systems?  If you are unsure of the answer, now is the time to seek out Goliath Cyber’s guidance to help you navigate the minefield safely, efficiently and confidently. 

The Goliath Cyber team has deep Convergence experience with leadership and staff coming from 3 letter agencies and the enterprise.


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