Without exception, every organization with a digital presence will experience cyber attacks. The most effective approach is to identify and respond to the attack as early as possible. The sooner a threat is detected and eliminated, the lower the probability that the attack will be successful and result in damages to the organization.

So the question becomes: how can organizations minimize the amount of time it takes to detect and defeat a threat? The answer: impactful intelligence and support that improves visibility on risks and enables cyber agility in responding to and taking down threats.

It is often said that threat intelligence must be “actionable.” This is true, but it’s just one aspect of what constitutes valuable intelligence. In today’s hostile threat landscape, intelligence must be impactful.

Impactful threat intelligence must have 4 properties:

  • Accurate – The intelligence must be true and accurate
  • Relevant – The intelligence must be relevant to the organization
  • Actionable – There must be actions the organization can take to defeat the threat
  • Cost Effective – The cost of the threat must be greater than the cost of remediation

This brings a must-needed shift from looking at cybersecurity as strictly a technical problem, to a new mindset where cybersecurity is viewed as a business challenge that must be addressed in an efficient and cost effective manner. Threat intelligence can no longer just be an expense, it must be a business enabler that provides measurable value to the enterprise.

The Goliath Cyber team provides your organization with Accurate, Relevant, Actionable and Cost Effective solutions.

We are ready to make an Impact as your Business Enabler with Cyber!


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