The organizations who will be most effective in 2023 will not look to answer the question “Are we safe?” Because the answer is always no, there will always be risk. The right question is “How ready are we?”

You want to think about what you learned from that cyber incident, which is more than just reactively identifying the risk, assessing costs, and then implementing controls accordingly. Guess what? Attackers also have those controls. By the time you go through your procurement process, proof of value, vendor selection, and solution implementation, attackers are several steps ahead of you.

There will always be gaps in what you know about your environment, so focusing on the continuous improvement of your security program through the lens of being ready to anticipate, withstand, recover, and adapt is how you should approach 2023.

Now is the time for security leaders to create a cyber resilience-focused program. Companies can’t eliminate all risk, but we will see organizations putting in place full-scale plans and spending where they need to so they are prepared to measure progress and improvement in their cybersecurity program. Those organizations that go with the “good enough” approach will most likely pay the price (and more) later.

Let the Goliath Team get you to the proper level of Cyber Resilience needed to be proactive and get you ready and prepared to withstand, recover and adapt when that incident happens!


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