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As your Trusted Cyber Advisory Team, we believe that the size of your business (or budget) shouldn’t limit your ability to combat cyberthreats.

The largest risk of disruption currently facing small businesses is not weather or event related. It’s cyber disruption—and it can happen at any time, to any business.

Small-to medium-sized businesses are particularly at risk, as they are viewed by hackers as easier to penetrate due to a perceived general lack of awareness and resources.

In today’s world, we can no longer afford to remain unaware of the threats or remain complacent with inadequate technology. All businesses must take action to enhance their systems, processes, and staffing to remain viable in today’s online economy.

For many small business owners, technology is both a great equalizer and a significant threat. With a relatively small number of employees and the right combination of systems and services, your business can now communicate with and service customers and clients while competing directly with medium and large-sized businesses.

Federal, state, and Industry regulators have decided that the threats posed by malicious actors in cyberspace must be addressed. For the small business owner, responding to new regulatory demands to protect client information is essential. This is not just a matter demonstrating the reasonable practices your company has put in place should your firm be subject to breach, but important to outright survival for small companies. Many businesses cannot afford the legal, regulatory, and forensic hassles and expenses that typically accompany a breach of systems which involves the exposure of client or partners’ information.

At the same time, the threat beyond regulatory concerns is very real. The bad actors out there, criminals, competitors, hacktivists, and state-sponsored terrorists, are targeting you for several reasons:

  • Do you have relationships and dependencies with larger companies who may be a target? Bad actors may be targeting you to get at other firms;
  • The type of business you are in may increase your risk profile. Are you a retailer, health care provider, financial company who utilizes credit card payment and or aggregates client information?
  • Bad actors believe smaller companies, with fewer resources for both physical and IT security, are a ripe target.

Given this landscape, what can and should a small business owner do? In many ways, we believe it is essential for the small business owner, in the absence of unlimited personnel and funding, to have precise controls, tools and solid policy in place. Keep it simple but effective!

Can you answer these 5 questions below with confidence?

  • Identify – What structures and practices do you have in place to identify cyber threats?
  • Protect – What are the basic practices and tools you have in place to protect your systems?
  • Detect – What do you use to identify someone or something malicious?
  • Respond – How will you deal with a breach if and when it occurs? Do you have a plan?
  • Recover – How will you get your business back to normal after a breach and how quickly?

Don’t wait for a cyberattack on your small business. Work with the Goliath Advisory team today and put in place a Cyber Strategy that protects your brand, reputation and clients from the current and future Cyber threat landscape!

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