Mobile devices present a uniquely challenging landscape for security professionals and businesses alike. Goliath’s Mobile Security Assessment considers every avenue and aspect in which risk may present itself and provides recommendations to address these challenges.


Mobile devices are susceptible to many traditional threat vectors. Mobile threats can occur as physical, software, and communication-based threats and each must be uniquely assessed and attended. 


As 5G mobile communication becomes a reality, enabling more robust computing capability from these devices will become vital. Securing the sensitive data held within must be addressed in many ways.


Many companies are moving to a BYOD model for device ownership. This introduces new complexities versus traditional models. Establishing policy decisions and technical controls become an even more difficult process. 

Goliath’s Mobile Security Risk Assessment

Our experienced assessment experts will help distinguish between ensuring corporate data is secure and respecting employee privacy. Each environment also brings with it unique use cases. Political and cultural considerations must be confronted to properly establish an effective policy.

Our comprehensive mobile security risk assessment will include the following:

Evaluate risk presented to the organization by mobile phones and tablets

Evaluate potential omissions in policies, documentation, and implementation

Evaluate impact of mobile device policy on diverse geographic and economic user groups

Recommend actions to better secure and align mobile devices to business practices

In addressing risk, Goliath considers every avenue and aspect in which risk may present itself. Most mobile risk assessments only consider the device itself. This results in a technical device audit, that while useful, does not capture all avenues for vulnerabilities.

These assessments consider software, hardware, carrier, and other technical aspects while other potential vulnerabilities are marginalized or ignored. This approach is limited, and does not reveal a true picture of risk presented by mobile devices used within an organization.

In order to truly address risk throughout the entire scope of mobile devices in use, Goliath considers many other factors.

These factors include:

How personnel use devices

Policy impact

Threat landscapes

Cultural risks