Preventing Attacks on Critical Infrastructure Control Systems

Critical industrial and infrastructure control systems face increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Designed to leverage cyber assets to inflict physical damage upon infrastructure systems or the products/goods they support, advanced cyber attacks are a real and growing threat to public utilities, transportation systems, water treatment plants, communication networks, and large manufacturing facilities. As cyber attacks have transformed from being an IT problem to an organizational and national security risk, the consequences of having insecure industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems can be devastating, impacting far more than an organization’s bottom line.

Implementing security is a process. Industrial cybersecurity is typically guided by policies and compliance requirements against which your plant cybersecurity program can track performance. Use Goliath to advise, identify out-of-standard conditions, and quickly resolve problems. Conducting a cybersecurity assessment on your industrial environment has changed from a beneficial activity into a necessary one. Goliath’s expert team of industrial engineers can identify weaknesses, prioritize them, and provide detailed remediation recommendations. We analyze your industrial network architecture from network segmentation, asset inventory, communication patterns, operational procedures and vulnerabilities.A major concern when implementing security controls on OT systems is the effect it can have on availability. Standard IT tools have the potential to impact performance, introduce latency or even crash systems. Goliath’s cyber  advisory services allow operations deeper insight and visibility into their environment.

Goliath’s cyber advisory services can help boards and corporate officers, providing guidance and support to those responsible for implementing cyber resilience to improve the industry’s readiness to mitigate cyber risks.


Discover and profile all assets on your network, and get immediate security alerts for quick resolution.


Monitor your network and systems for potential problems.


Avoid plant disruptions by hardening systems and detecting misconfigured devices.


Goliath professional services conducts granular vulnerability assessments to gauge your ICS cybersecurity.