Cyber Threat Edge Node

Deep Packet Inspection of all Communications. Unlimited On-Prem Log Retention.

Full Node

Our XDR platform has different configurations based on the customer’s network topology. In smaller organizations-the Analytics Node and the Network Node can be combined in a single server instance. The Standard Cyber Threat Full Node allows for up to a maximum of three internal network segments. It has 12TB of storage for XDR data.

Analytics Node

The analytics nodes are the brains of the XDR system. They securely collect and store data from both the PCAP nodes and the XDR Agents, both for real-time and historical analysis and for archival purposes.


The PCAP Network Nodes ingest and decode network traffic and feed that decoded traffic securely to the Analytics node. Additional services such as intrusion detection and prevention, deception, vulnerability scanning and threat intelligence are provided by the network nodes.

Micro Node

The Micro Edge Node is an “all-in-one” low-cost hardware appliance designed for companies with less than 50 devices. It supports a maximum of one internal network segment. It supports 1TB of storage for XDR data.

Edge Connection Broker

Conveniently upload XDR security logs from remote Windows, Linux, and Mac OS devices to the XDR Analysis Node via secure tunneling.

Unlimited Security Log Storage

Never worry about paying costly monthly fees to store critical log files. We will store an unlimited number of logs on-prem at no additional cost.