Managed Cloud Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring of all leading Cloud environments including Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and Office 365.

Keep Your Cloud Secure

Our XDR monitors leading cloud infrastructures in several ways. For Amazon EC2, Azure Virtual Machines, Google Cloud Platform Virtual Machines and Digital Ocean Droplets, the XDR agent can be installed directly on the virtual instances. 

In addition, through API integration, our XDR can monitor the platorm environment for Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platorm, Microsot Azure and Azure AD.

Monitored cloud Alerts

Types of Cloud events that are monitored by the SOC include, but are not limited to:

  • Alerts generated in Cloud platforms 
  • Authentication Failures 
  • Changed in cloud environments 
  • Restricted or anomalous GeoIP logins
  • Resource Exhaustion 
  • AWS Cloudtrail Events
  • GCP PubSub Events
  • Azure/O365 Logs and Events