With our Application Security service, Goliath is able to see an attack inside of the application at the code level in the same way that application performance monitors (APMs) operate without sacrificing performance.


Goliath provides unparalleled defense from within the application, viewing attacks the same way the application sees them. No network or code changes are required, and protection stays with the application wherever it is hosted.


Goliath operates unobtrusively to automatically discover vulnerabilities in real-time across development, test, and production environments, withoutrequiring scans, experts, access to source code, or process changes.


Goliath unlocks the intelligence hidden in applications to secure the entire application attack surface and give you the continuous visibility you need in order to know (not guess) what’s the current security posture across your portfolio. 

Application Security Monitoring 

In today’s digital world, the digital customer experience is a critical component of an organization’s success. When your application crashes or performs poorly, customer confidence is negatively affected. Software has to be resilient to a broad range of potential disruptions to avoid these scenarios.

Because of this, IT Operations and DevOps have the additional responsibility and pressure to maintain software available and functionality. They must also optimize the performance of customer-facing applications while deploying applications and software faster.

Continuous Visibility Is Vital

Today’s modern software and application requirements have increased the need for continuous visibility, monitoring, and analysis of applications during development and at runtime.

While IT operations teams typically focus on application acceleration, load balancing, and performance management – security is often the missing piece for the overall performance of your application.

Security is the Missing Link for Software Resilience

Attacks on live applications are a leading cause of outages that can also disrupt functionality and affect performance. Security is a key component of resilience, it is an often overlooked piece of the strategy.

The problem is that traditional IT operations teams are not equipped to continuously monitor application security at a granular level. 

Unparalleled Visibility

With our Application Security service, Goliath is able to see an attack inside of the application at the code level in the same way that an application performance monitors (APMs) operate without sacrificing performance. This provides surgical level precision that Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS’s) simply cannot provide. The Goliath Application Security service exposes the fact that the detection criteria for WAF’s and IPS’s are obsolete and minimally effective against modern attacks.

We are also able to see if the attack was successful, and all of the vulnerabilities it exploited to obtain success. And most importantly, we can block attacks at a code level without any need for code or programming modifications. This means it can work immediately in any brownfield application. Other approaches require rewriting the application to suit security. Our approach allows security to adapt to the code.

Furthermore, Application Security from Goliath will enhance your SIEM or MDR with improved data. We can feed those tools with rich, accurate, and comprehensive information to pinpoint the who, what, when, and where of an attack. This visibility is unparalleled in the industry and other service offerings. Finally, we don’t have to standby while helplessly watching the attacker.

Application Security Benefits:

  • Operate at DevOps speed without degrading the performance of the application
  • Continuous monitoring allows us to see the attack and block it from succeeding
  • Attacks can be seen at the code level and used to enrich SIEM/AI data
  • It is now possible to determine the who, what, when, where, and success of an attack
  • Help you defend against the attack, rather than watching the attack happen