Developing and implementing a cybersecurity plan has never been as important as it is today, given the mounting threats – smaller firms are in jeopardy.

43% of all breaches target small & mid-sized businesses. And there’s a reason, say experts.

Studies show bad actors go after small & mid-sized businesses because they know most lack Cybersecurity programs, skills, resources and data protection. Despite the risks, 83% of small & mid-sized business owners still have not implemented cybersecurity, according to Advisor Smith research.

When hacked, according to a Security Magazine report in May, some 60% of small businesses who become victims of a data breach permanently close their doors within six months after an attack.

We hear business owners say….

  • It’s never going to happen to them because it has not happened yet!
  • Why would we be a target?

Our response, what’s important is finding ways to avoid the high cost of doing nothing, which is greater than the cost of mitigating the risk – especially when it comes to ransomware and the value of lost, highly sensitive or proprietary information.

Goliath Cyber is here to help the small & mid-sized business realize the value of a strong cyber program helping protect their business all while allowing them to grow their business with cost effective solutions & programs.

We are a premiere provider of Cyber Advisory services such as:

  • Managed Security Services
  • Offensive Security & Awareness Services
    • Penetration & Vulnerability Testing
    • Wireless Security Testing
    • Web Application Security Testing
    • Full Red Team Engagements
    • Social Engineering Services such as Phishing and Physical Break Ins
    • Open-Source Intelligence & eDiscovery
    • Security Awareness Training Programs
    • Custom Red Team Development Programs
  • Incident Response & Forensics
  • Risk & Compliance Services
  • CMMC Readiness Assessment Services
  • Executive Cyber Advisory Services
  • And More….


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