Many organizations have begun prioritizing cybersecurity competency at every level of seniority. A rule proposed by the SEC in April of 2022, which requires stricter qualifications for cybersecurity expertise on boards and in senior management, is tentatively scheduled to be finalized by October 2023. 

As organizations across all industries prepare for this ruling the question remains, do you have the proper cybersecurity expertise in the right areas? At a baseline, cybersecurity executives and board members must be well-rounded and knowledgeable and have diverse experiences across the industry.

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Security Assessment – Where are you on your journey?

Security assessments including ISO, SOC 2, HIPPA, SOX, PCI DSS, FINRA and more, are now critical to undergo as organizations must be able to verify that their data practices are secure. As cyber threats mount, organizations across all industries are looking to undergo these assessments to validate their commitment to security, meaning that leadership experience with any number of these security assessments is a must have. With this, cybersecurity leaders should be required to show experience in guiding an organization through one or more of these security assessments, as they verify both attention to detail and dedication to the highest security standards.  

Ultimately, more comprehensive requirements should be put in place to ensure that boards are comprised of individuals that are able to protect their organization from cyber-attack, develop effective security policies, and allocate resources efficiently. Board members should have more well-rounded experience across areas of cybersecurity and business. Since cybersecurity is now a priority for boards across all industries, board members regardless of professional background, must be well-rounded in current security threats and implications, and be willing to undergo further education around security strategy and developing threats.

As the government looks to tighten restrictions around these qualifications, organizations across all industries should do the same, to safeguard their most sensitive data, people and long-term success.

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