When the headlines focus on cybersecurity breaches of large enterprises, it’s easy for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to think they’re not a target for bad actors. Surely, they’re not worth the time or effort?

Unfortunately, when it comes to cybersecurity, size doesn’t matter.

For SMBs, digital transformation has brought a plethora of benefits as technology begins to add optimizations and ease many of their daily processes. Unfortunately, the new digital age has also put a big, bright target on the backs of SMBs in all industries, as they’ve become victims of the new wave of cybercriminals. By leveraging innovative technology, cybercriminals have risen in terms of speed, volume, and, most dangerously, sophistication.

Cybersecurity doesn’t need to be difficult…..

Securing any business doesn’t need to be complex or come with a hefty price tag. Here are several simple points to help the smaller business secure their systems, people and data.

  • Develop a Cybersecurity Policy
  • Require Strong Passwords
  • Train Employees on Cyber Security
  • Secure Wi-Fi Networks
  • Limit Data Access
  • Perform Regular Data Backups
  • Use Security Software
  • Update Software
  • Conduct An Audit Of Mobile Devices
  • Hold Leadership and Employees Accountable

Goliath Cyber can help raise your cybersecurity game!

With SMBs feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared for the increasing volume and variety of cyberattacks, the ability to adopt and leverage a cybersecurity solution, or multiple ones, has become critical for SMBs who wish to remain competitive or merely survive in the digital era.

Key Point: If cybersecurity overwhelms and stifles productivity, users can’t do their job and the solution is already dead on arrival. Cybersecurity should be behind the scenes, protecting the users and the environment.

Fortunately, the Goliath Cyber Advisory Team can help provide that “one shoulder to tap” for cyber solutions (All-in-One) and services that help protect your business, clients and employees with easy adoption and without that hefty price tag!


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