Managed Security For The SMB

Meet Judy…

Judy provides all-in-one protection for your data, your passwords and your devices.

When it comes to cybersecurity, Judy’s got your back.

She works hard behind the scenes 24/7 to protect your digital world with machine-learning and AI-driven security capabilities, created just for small and midsize businesses.

Managed aiSIEM

Disruptive Analytics, Holistic Security with aiSIEM. 

Advanced Threat Detection and Remediation
Protecting all your digital assets, people and network round-the-clock at a fraction of the cost.  

Real time advanced threat detection and auto-remediation with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Stop the breach and keep business continuity at affordable cost!

Managed aiXDR

End-to-End Cybersecurity with aiXDR

Stay Vigilant, Stay Ahead of Your Adversaries.

When it comes to safeguarding digital information, IT assets and business data, IT organizations often contend with quasi-normal state, forced by the lack of deep composite insights from endpoints, servers, firewalls, users, entity behaviors, network traffic, vulnerabilities and threat intelligence. 

Secure your final frontiers – whether in the remote workplace, in the cloud, in the office or in transit – with aiXDR.

Draw upon insights rendered by razor-sharp analytics, guided by AI and ML.