All-in-One Cybersecurity Platform

An end-to-end, natively automated XDR platform purpose-built for lean IT security teams. Instant to deploy, radically simple to use, backed by a 24/7 MDR service and provided at the most effective TCO, enabling any organization to achieve comprehensive and efficient protection, regardless of its resources, team size or skills. 

With complete visibility into endpoints, users, networks, SaaS and cloud applications, along with extensive automated response capabilities, Goliath Cyber’s vision is to enable security teams to put their cybersecurity on autopilot and focus their limited resources on managing security rather than operating it. 

Key Benefits

Gain End-to-End Protection

With a natively unified platform for detection, prevention, correlation, investigation and response across endpoints, users, networks, SaaS and cloud applications. 

Leverage Native Response Automation 

Reduces manual work to minimum, freeing your time to manage security rather than operating it. 

Achieve Complete Visibility 

Accurate and thorough threat protection across your environment. 

Maximize ROI 

With the most effective TCO and by reducing resource requirements. 

Get 24/7 Piece Of Mind 

While our proactive MDR team continuously monitors your environment, providing expert assistance and guidance. 

Prevention, Detection, IT & Security Operations

Prevents and detects threats using the combined capabilities of NGAV, EDR, NDR, UBA, Ransomware Protection, Deception, and more.

ENDPOINT PROTECTION: Unmatched protection against advanced endpoint threats, including NGAV, device control, critical resource protection and more. 

EXTENDED THREAT DETECTION: Expanded visibility across endpoints, networks and users provides layered protection capabilities of EDR, Deception, User Behavior Analytics rules, Network detection rules, sandboxing and threat intelligence out of the box. 

CSPM & SSPM: Monitor and correct SaaS and Cloud application configuration errors to eliminate security risks.

E-Mail: A multi-layered shield protecting your organization from email-borne threats. More than just an email gateway; it’s a holistic security solution that combines: Attachment & URL Scanning, URL Replacement, Attachment Extension Filtering, Policy Controls, Advanced Threat Detections, Automated Incident Response and more.

360 Mobile: Prevents security and privacy threats to Chrome OS, Android and iOS devices, and detects applications that put data at risk of exposure and attempt to infiltrate corporate networks. Whether it’s zero-days, phishing, network-based or other types of attacks, 360 Mobile provides persistent, on-device protection of company- and user-owned devices.

Deception: Easily configure decoy files, users, hosts, and networks to expose malicious actors who have gained access to your environment.

IT & SECURITY OPERATIONS: Extensive operational functions natively included, such as IT Hygiene, Vulnerability Management and asset inventory capabilities.

And More… 

Automated Investigation and Response

Gain key capabilities of SOAR by fully automating all required response actions to reduce the burden and augment the skills of your overworked security team.

Playbooks: Automate comprehensive, multi-action responses across your environment for any attack scenario.

Automated Investigation: Automatically determine the root cause and scope of an attack across your environment.

Automated Remediation: Eliminate malicious presence, activity, and infrastructure across users, network, endpoints, and other IT components.

Incident View: Intuitive graphical timeline and layout of attacks, along with the automated investigation and response actions.

And More…

Resolving threats 50x faster, reducing manual
incident handling by 90%

  • Finding / Eradicating Attacks Before Damage Is Done
  • Uncovering and resolving all attack components across your environment in seconds – not minutes or hours
  • Increasing Your Team’s Bandwidth
  • Becoming more productive and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks by automating workflows and accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response
  • Augmenting Your Team’s Response Skills
  • Boosting your lean security team’s expertise by leveraging automated best practice investigation and response workflows
  • Reducing Cost and Complexity
  • Avoiding the costly and resource-intensive implementation and support of a complicated SOAR solution

Log Management and Event Correlation

Collects and correlates alert and activity data into actionable incidents.

CENTRALIZED LOG MANAGEMENT: Collects and integrates critical log data needed for threat analysis using a powerful query language along with intuitive graphics and dashboards. 

EVENT CORRELATION: Analyzes signals from native controls, system logs and any other sources to correlate data into actionable incidents. 

FORENSICS: Investigate threats and conduct threat hunting with instant access to forensic artifacts collected from agents, logs and other system resources using powerful search and visualization tools. 

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24/7 Monitoring and Response

A world-class managed detection and response team making sure you are safe and secured.

24/7 MONITORING: Ensures dangerous threats are identified and properly addressed around the clock – ideal for resource-constrained teams. 

INCIDENT RESPONSE: Assistance in remote Incident Response with investigation, comprehensive remediation plan and guidance. 

THREAT HUNTING: Proactively searches for hidden threats acros the environment. 

ATTACK REPORTS: Written overview and detailed technical insights on attack techniques. 

And More… 

Welcome to easy,
resource-lite cybersecurity!